Upgrade Part For Engine Swap

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many thanks to dohcvtec_Accord for helpin with my engine swap question . another thing i was wondering is : when i am finished with the engine swap , will i have to buy upgraded parts (i.e. air filter , cat. converter) for my model of car or for the model of engine and the car it originally came from ? i'm rather new to all of this and would rather be clear on what i am doing that learn from trial and error . again , any comments or suggestions are most welcomed .
It's pretty simple if you think about it really. Exhaust, suspension, etc. (things that don't pertain directly to the engine) should be for the car. Anything that's related to the engine (inside or out) should be for the engine. There are some things like intakes, sensors, etc that can be had from either the original car or the engine. Then there's the header...on my swap, I used the Prelude header (since it has to be able to bolt to the head), but since it wasn't the right length, I had to have my exhaust cut and welded to fit the different length.

There are too many parts in question to list. Better route would be to ask specifically.