Urgent! B18c5'd Sol Issues....

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Put the b18c5 in the Sol. Was running great for 2 nights. Brought it back to the mechanic to do a compression test and all went downhill.

Compression test went as follows...
1) remove wires from plugs, set them (still attatched to dist.) in engine bay
2) remove all 4 plugs, set them on a table
3) put compression tester on cylinder 4
4) mech. told me to push the clutch, and gas, and turn the key
5) repeat steps 3 & 4 for cylinders, 3, 2, and 1... got 210 all the way across

Notes that may help:
When we were doing the test the wires were arching on the strut bar and intake manifold. The night we did the compression test the car started to feel weak. The following day, I put in some 104 octane boost shit in there that I had layin around for about 6 months and wanted to rid of. It was slightly thicker then gas, but thinner then KY jelly (don't ask). I replaced my plugs and took the car for a test drive and you can feel the loss of power all the way through RPM's and feel it kinda jerk in VTEC. Like it wants to pull how it normally does, but then doesn't. Misfire?

I'm not a huge tech person, but my common sense tells me its either ignition or fuel.

HELP damnit.
its possible that you fucked the wires up
its also possible that the sludge you put in the tank is cloging something up

id say swap the wires and if it doesnt get better check some fuel components

is it possible that the plug wires are set wrong?? (just trying to throw ideas around)
No, they're in the right order... 1,3,4,2.. if the shit i put in my tank is causing the problem u think that it would have permanent effects, or just until it cycles through my car or if i empty the tank and refill it?
its hard to say ... it could just be blocking shit up a little and will dilute with time or it could have fucked something up (ive heard of octane boosts being bad for injectors... not sure if there is truth behind this)
id say get some new gas in there and go drive it through... if its gunna dilute that should do it
yeah..just replace your plugs and/or wires and throw some STP fuel injection cleaner in there next time before you fill up...that should help get rid of the crap you put in...i've used other injector cleaner brands and STP seems like the only one that worked...good luck and also don't get frustrated...you'll make the problem worse guaranteed!!
sounds like you should drain your fuel tank and start over.

octane booster and the other shit i've seen rarely works unless a motor is specifically tuned for that octane gasoline.

ie. a motor is tuned with 93 octane, and then gets 103 octane on the weekends, well this could actually end up hurting the motor unless its retuned at 103 octane.

i wouldn't use any aftermarket additives, run 93 octane, and get the car tuned...see what your air/fuel ratio is...and go from there.
hey chet, i know you know your stuff so could you please explain how running higher octane gas could harm a motor. i can understand it maybe not running as well because of not being tuned properly however i cannot see how it could damage a motor. please elaborate.

i run 93 on the street and the time i went to the track i ran 100 octane in it and it seemed to run very very smooth and strong. i could definitely tell a difference in throttle response.
Originally posted by bigdsol@Mar 3 2003, 02:17 PM
Solution = new dizzy. (bad coil) not enough spark. that is all.

That is what i was thinking, when the wires arched, you might have fryed your dizzy.