Using b17 ecu

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Im running a b17 into my 94 dx hatch, and planning on using the original ecu but for some reason its not hittin vtec, but when i plug in a p28 vtec ripps teh road, my question is can i use the original 93 b17 ecu with runnin vtec if so can somebody give me some info, kinda confused thx
I'm not positive, but my guess would be that the B17 ecu is looking for a knock sensor, and you don't have one wired up. 92-95 Civics didn't have a knock sensor, and a P28 doesn't look for one. This would explain your v-techk 'ripping teh road' with the P28.

Is the B17 ecu throwing any check engine lights? This would be your first indicator of what's wrong...