V-tec Wiring

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Junior Member
I'm swaping in a gen 1 jdm b16a V-tec into a 1990 Integra. I still need an ecu (I was told a PR3 ODB0 will work, is that the right one?) and I know about the extra wiring for v-tec but I dont what to use and where to route the wires(connections and all)PLEASE HELP!!!!
if you have left over wire thats long enough, use it.
else get some 14 or 16 gauge i think it is and run it.
don't put a B16 into it... its worthless. I'd rather just have the B18a. The B16 is torqueless. If youo already have the B16, just go LS/VTEC and sell the B16 block.