V-tec Wiring

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as you may already know, i am swaping a d16z6 into my 93 civic dx (originally a d15b7) i got the p28 ecu, and the motor ready to drop, but still holding back.
i need to know how to wire up the v-tec.
i got a haynes manual, looked in the wiring diagrams, and got lost... that shit is like greek to me... i dont understand it.

what i really need to know is... which pins do i wire into?
which ones go where? suposed to be like 3 wires... right?

any help will be appreciated...
any body got a detailed pin-out? :huh:

also... there are two plugs that go to the v-tec...
plug one...the selinoid has only one wire... goes to A-4...
plug two... has two wires in it. which one goes to D-6?
where does the other wire go? :unsure: