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DO you think its needed to change the valve train if your goal is about 300 whp, I have pistons and rods but am having a tough time finding the specs on the valve train so I was thinking for at least a while running with a stock head, as for tuning it will be fine tuned with an AEM EMS. Thanks, I am just curious cause I see a lot of people running stock heads on high boost applications. Thanks.
you need to change the valve springs and retainers if you are going to be putting in a stage 2 or 3 cam in there i know but a stage one you should be fine you also need to change them if you plan on revving the engine higher then the stock redline
basically the only reason you would want to upgrade the valve train is if you plan on revving higher than the stock redline. If you put more aggressive cams you will def. want to rev higher, and to keep valve float to a minimum you will need stiffer valve springs, and lighter valves to rev it nice and high.
Thanks, for now I plan on just keeping the stock cam since the only cams for my engine will be a custom job and I have just bought the AEM EMS, 500cc injectors, rods and pistons so I have spent enough for a while and need to get everything installed and tuned still, but I just wanted to make sure the head would be ok until I get new cams and then I will get the whole valve train. Thanks, Jason.
If your are running would want to use stock cams OR a turbo dont have to do anything..but since your they you might as cant go wrong with reving higher..from a making-power point of view.....but whos talkin about realibillity...its a turbo!