Venom 400

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I hava friend with a cavalier.....and it sucks balls..ok...u know this...but he got a venom 400 module for it..and he gained aroun 22% more
Well before this he used to get smoked by my other friends civic...and now..he keeps up neck and neck..and often wins....This sound any of u know how it works....and what kind of consistent power gains it can produce on certains cars.. But it sounds like a great deal considering he got it for less than $300

Anyway thanks ahead of time....I'm at school right now...getting ready to change classes......peace :blink:
personally i wasted plenty of money on non-tunable "chips" for my del sol and what a waste of money it was....

i went with hondata and cut over a second off my 1/4 mile time.

i have the before/after slips to prove it too..

before: jun, skunk2, mugen n1, mugen, vision rsr "chips" couldn't break 16 seconds.

after: hondata stage 2 w/ datalogging w/ a blind tune.. no dyno tune yet even.. so i can't wait to see what that'll put me at... 14.835 @ 93.61
I have a Venom 400 in my 91 CRX. Definitely a noticable difference. I would recommend it. If you want to save some money, a lot of people disconnect their IAT Sensor which is located on the intake manifold and short it out with a resistor. This changes the resistance value to the ECU which then throws more gas into the engine. Almost same concept as Venom 400. I've tried it and suprisingly it works well. I beleive that I've used a 2200 ohm resisitor.
The Venom 400 doesn't work for everyone. I had it on my Maxima (almost stock car) and when it was dynoed, i lost 3 HP with it plugged up. I wouldn't buy it.
The more air and fuel you create into your engine the greater combustion, therefore, more horsepower. In order for Venom 400 to function efficiently it would be recommended to upgrade air intake system. If you are shoving more gas into the engine but there isn't enough air, tha gains are going to be minimum. High octane gas is highly recommended as well.