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Like the title says, I get the village idiot award. I thought the head on my LS/Vtec was a 1995 OBDI head. (That's what the guy who sold it to me said). It's not. It's got only one 9 wire distributor plug. It must be OBDII. I'm guessing OBDI distributors are two plug, just like my current ZC motor (EF rex). I've ready purchased a non-OBD to OBDI wiring harness converter so with the exception of the distributor and other than running some Vtec wires and O2 wires I'm good to go. For the distributor it looks like I have the following options.

1. Get an OBDI distributor (probably mucho dinero). It would plug into my EF wiring harness.
2. Get a donor OBDII wiring harness plug and repin the EF harness (two plugs) to use one plug.
3. Get donor plugs off a dead OBDI distibutor and repin the OBDII distributor single plug to the two plugs.

I'm going to try to go the repin route as I think it's probably cheaper and easier to find the plugs. My question is, has anyone repinned a wiring harness or distributor connector? I thought I've read that each pin has a barb on it and you have to find a small tool to press the barb down to extract the wire and pin. What tool to you use? Which side of the connector do you start with, the front of back.