VOIP, the wave of the future.


I'm a gun addict now.
You know what really gets my goat? a VOIP system that has worked just fine for a week, that is until a greeting is recorded in that ONE main mailbox that is absolutely necessary to have up.

You can leave a message just fine, but it won't appear on the phone and won't show it when in the voicemail system, even the CDR doesn't see it, but only when you call from an outside line. Internally it works... every time, whether you call the extension directly or through the ring group.

I reboot the phone... I reboot the system... I delete the extension and completely rebuild it... I rebuild the entire ring group... buttons... test it over and over... check and do everything I can possibly think of... nothing.

Until... I shortened the minimum message length from 3 seconds to 1 second.

Every. Single. Voicemail. Shows. Up. They're all there suddenly. It works.

What in the actual fuck.

I'd rather spend 3 hours looking for a 10 mm socket than have to do that again.

Grandstream fucking sucks.

But it's cheap and it can potentially make us an ass ton of money.

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I'm a gun addict now.
It's a dumb bug. This is a switch that you can make function like a phone system, but it is not a phone system. Even though it's marketed as a phone system.

Just like how you have to program it to be able to dial out. On every system. Every single time... 7, 10, 11 digit dialing. You have to manually enter that into every single system you install. Otherwise this thing will act like a dumb switch grabbing DHCP from a router and powering the telephones that would otherwise only be useful as an inter office intercom system.