Volk TE37's

Which ones look cleaner?

  • White = ghey

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  • Gunmetal = Wooo WOOOOOOO&#

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In attempt to prove Chet wrong, I decided to let the photoshop gurus slap on some bronze TE37's as well as some white TE37's. In my opinion, white will look far superior to bronze or gunmetal. I like the design, and weight specs of the TE37's, so all other suggestions (for the moment) will be shot down like an Iraqi SCUD missile.

EDIT : I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but DON'T vote untill you see the photoshop wheels. I see one tard (let's call him Brian C.) already has.
Ok, have at it (choose wichever is easiest for you) :


Deffinitly white bro. White and green. :thumbsup: Who cares if ppl say white is "rice", fuck em!!

Course Chet is going to be biased to bronze.. he has them!! :)
i wouldn't do white
i almost got white rota's but decided to go steel grey at the last second..

my vote goes gunmetal yO
I'll work on a better photoshop :p and even lower that 4x4. Just wait til later this afternoon.
I voted gunmetal because have you ever thought about the brake dust that gets all over your wheels think about how bad that will look on white it will stand out like a fat kid in aerobics
dude i think the bronze with the green of the car looks way dope...
i voted white, but i want to change it to bronze now...
I vote for bronze, i think they look sweet with the green. My .02
DAMN B!!! i've seen some wicked bad camber from cars being slammed...but that shit on the front must be what it'd be like with that shit sittin so high off the ground!! :lol:

edit - my opinion = go with the bronze B)
lol- too bad its positive camber. lol

but whats even funnier is that that is MY old wheel taken from my car- and i rotated it 180. so i guess i really did have bad camber
The whites ones are'nt that bad, although white on that kinda green don't look all that great IMO. The gunmetal appeals to me more. Nevertheless te's are bad ass!
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 26 2003, 12:32 AM
lol- too bad its positive camber.  lol

that's what i was screamin y0!!! :p