CA WTT:Bronze Volks TE37's

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FS/FT:Bronze Volks TE37's

PRICE DROP EDIT:Will sell for $1200 picked up w/ tires or $1300 shipped w/ tires. I'm not pulling off the tires. I will be going with 16's if these wheels sell so i'd have no use for the tires.

I'm only looking to trade for 16x7 (maybe 16x7.5) wheels. I don't want anything with a big lip. It's just not my style. I'm not really looking for knockoffs/replicas but still show me what you got. I'll entertain the thought if there is enough cash on top :) I don't want heavy ass wheels either lol.

I'd rather deal wheel locals because I don't want to hear whining about how you got to pay for shipping on top of your trade. Plus, I don't wanna waste money on shipping either. If you're willing to pay shipping for both my wheels and your traded wheels, then that's your choice. I'm located in Lancaster, CA.

Ok, on to the wheels...

They are 15x7, +43 offset, and 4x100 lug pattern. I give the wheels a 9/10. They are not curbed or rashed in anyway on the face of the wheel. One wheel has rash on the inside. I have no idea what happened. It was like that when I bought the car. Also, each wheel has your typical 'careless tire shop guy who knick'd the paint around the lug holes' chips. They aren't really big but a little noticable. Again, they were like that when I bought the car.

The front tires are 205/50/15. Champiro or something like that is the brand. The guy I bought the car from bought them brand new the day I went to go pick up the car. I've only had the car for 3 weeks so there is tons of life left in them.

The rear tires are 215/50/15. Kumhos. Why they are a different size then the fronts, I don't know lol. Got them that way... they have about 80-85% life left.

Front Driver...


Front Passenger...


Rear Driver...


Rear Passenger...


This is the only wheel that has the complete RAYS sticker on the inside...


Here is the rash on the inside. It's on the Rear Passenger wheel...

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Got my hours cut at work :( Need these sold or traded for some wheels + cash...

C'mon guys...
i know, its ridiculous. i have a fresh set of azenis to go on them too :( lol