volvo S60R

:eek: i want it.

Volvo is trying to make a name for its self in the perfomance world so they have teamed up with a U.S company called Evolve to turn there super safe S60R into a mean 500hp turbo charged sucking, Slamed, Big Brake rolling power house. And you can expect the new S40 to joint in on the fun.



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When we went to find my mom a new car (she ended up getting a 2004 s40 with every option available) they had a the S60 R AWD with the optional bodykit on it.... my god it was one of the best looking new cars Ive ever seen


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always was a big fan of volvo loved em since the 740 turbo wagon!

#1 rule for me in street racing other cars, NEVER race a Volvo

grampa has boost!


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that is one of the finest looking cars ever AND 500 hp? Whats the pricetag?
EDIT: im still drooling those are like 15 inch disks on that thing.


is that the prototype look or the look it WILL have from the factory?? im only readin 300hp from they arent that badly priced either at 45 thousand!!