voting started over

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see the help us grow it now!!!
oh i didnt know that... lol now i feel dumb!!! so i can go to it many times as i want and it will vote every time?
i voted 3 times today, but the number doesn;t seem to go up at all after i do it *hour later it's the same number*
Under xp you can change the ip address on the fly so I've been voting 5 to 10 times a day ( all I have time for )
Brian, put up the pop-up when the page loads! At least we had a banner when we were #4!
christ.. we're like #11..

there's also a new number one. you know half these other sites are probably cheating anyways. hEH.
Come on people vote for us. If not, we're going to have (more) ricers with Tezzas and 3-foot wings running around the streets because they went to these damn boards and all they talk about are tits and Tezzas.