vtec del sol turbo

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Hey, i'm planning on getting a honda del sol around december. My friend got his for 4500 (i know that's insanely cheap) and i'm looking for one in the 6k range, maybe less if i can find one with crappy interior or whatever =P, anyway to the point, i was planning on going for a turbo. I'll have 10grand max to spend on my car. Just let me know which turbos you'd get or if you think i should do bottom end work or whatever. I'm looking for good 1/8th mile times, but not strictly track, it should still be a daily driver.

Thanks guys,
Luke :unsure:

btw, could somone explain the code for quotes because it's just not working for me
if you want to go turbo, skip vtec. Buy a del Sol s or si, do a turbo ls engine swap and redue the whole eninge. Vtec and turbo is too hard to tune. The ls block is the best for turbo.
turbo vtec's put down excellent power.

and a turbo b16a will smoke a turbo b18b, it just takes some tuning.

i disagree with brian's theory and i do see what he's saying, but i'd have to say i've seen too many turbo vtec's in the tampa area that put down incredible numbers.
You get yourself a Hondata and someone who knows his Honda tuning, and a VTEC turbo will outrun an LS turbo any day.
i'm getting a vtec, :) i've already made my mind up about that. Just tell me what turbos and computer upgrades/addons/etc you'd get, and prices.

still need to know how to do quotes in posts also =)
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saying vtec turbo will smoke an ls turbo...
OR the other way around for that matter
are both unjsut statements that have no grounds of comparison.

is this a SAME build test? same turbo? same boost? same parts? same car? same traction? same driver? same head wind? blah blah.

Fact is, the ls is fucking cheap- you can easily build it to 450-500 horse for around the price of an ITR swap.
a b16 will be 1500+ more for the same set up just because the motor costs more from the get go.
Originally posted by caffeind@Oct 21 2002, 07:53 PM
i'm getting a vtec, :) i've already made my mind up about that. Just tell me what turbos and computer upgrades/addons/etc you'd get, and prices.

still need to know how to do quotes in posts also =)

Just look at my avaitor! GREDDY! Get the Turbo kit, BOV, Intercooler kit, and Turbo timer. Also get yourself boost, oil press, A/F ratio guages. You will like this setup. If thats not enough power for you then get some lower compression pistons, valves, stronger rods, and turbo cams! This way you can get a boost controller to turn up the boost. Oh yeah the only other thing you will need is a better fuel pump.
Hmm...if i build off the ls (ls is the del sol SI right?) i can do all the bottom end work and a turbo for about 5grand givin i dont do any of the work myself right? How much would it be to turbo a vtec del sol, (and include bottom end work if you think i need it). Thanks for the help everyone
In your case, buying the VTEC del Sol and boosting that may still be a cheaper option. The B16A is already in the car, and you can bolt up a turbo without removing the engine. The LS engine never came in the del Sol- Brian is referring to the Integra LS. You'll have the added cost of swapping in another engine on top of the turbo kit, and that may not be in your budget.

My recommendation- get the del Sol VTEC with the B16A and boost that. You'll make awesome power with it, and you won't have to pull the engine.
listen, how do you know if you tuned your HONDATA correctly, I if you program something wrong you can blow up you motor.
And in holland/netherlands there is nobody who tunes the HONDATA.
I would love the hondata ecu but is to risky, and i have to buy, datalogger every every dammthing.
im in the same boat dude... theres no one with in hundreds of miles of me who tunes hondata (that i know of ayway).

I will be getting the full kit- and once everyhting is on, boost as low as i can go (wastegate spring psi) and run a basic 'chip' that hondata comes with.. being real easy on it as to not run lean.
then once on the dyno, and i plan on being there for hours, if not a full day (even if it costs me $1000). But id rather spend the money and be tuned properly than half ass it and wonder