vtec does not work(NEED HELP)

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I bought a car not to long ago and the vtec wasn't working. It is a crx with a b18c1 engine. Whoever did the swap did a bad job because there are so many wires that are unpluged and sitting around. I just have no clue why my vtec doesnt work I am pretty sure that all of the vtec wires are plugged in but something might be missing, can anyone tell me what could be a problem. thanks:)

I think it is a obd1 gsr ( P72) i cant really tell though because the guy who i bought the car from painted the ecu black and wrote "MUGEN" on it so i cant read it.
Mite be on the Mother board of the ECU, BTW thred should be in the CRX section ;)
He has wires that connect from the ecu to the vtec but some wires are not long enough to reach so he put wires together so it could reach. I am pretty sure it is a P72 ecu because I can rev up to 8,000 rpm (which is max on my stock crx cluster) and how would i be able to turn the check engine light off so I can let my vtec work. Also I dont know if this could be a related problem but when my car would heat up to normal engine temp the rev rpms would drop so low when car was sitting at a stop light and sometimes it would stall but I plugged some wires where they fitted and it doesn't stall anymore. I have a feeling my vtec isn't kicking in because it isn't wired up correctly or its because I dont have a spot on my headers so i can plug this wire into it (I think that might be why check engine light is on). Anyone that understands or knows what could be wrong please let me know.
I think it is a obd1 gsr ( P72) i cant really tell though because the guy who i bought the car from painted the ecu black and wrote "MUGEN" on it so i cant read it.

Wow...why the fuck would someone do that?

As for the problem, are you sure VTEC isn't working? Have you actually pulled the error code and confirmed a problem with the VTEC?
Codes 21 and 22 I believe are the vtec codes (solenoid and oil pressure) and they're the only check engine light codes that will stop vtec from working. I mean vtec isn't going to be disabled because you have a check engine light that's not related to vtec, at least that's how my jdm d15b vtec works.

Check your oil. If you're low then that's why it won't work without the right oil pressure.
I havn't actually got an error code or tried to get the codes but I am really sure that the vtec is not kicking in. My oil is a little over the max limit.
I think there's three 10mm bolts on the vtec solenoid. Also, i believe you need to remove the ground wire. You take that off and you should see a rubber gasket on the inside and a screen. Take the screen out and clean it.
After, you take the screen out what do you clean it with or how do you clean it? Also, do you have to replace the rubber gasket after you put it back together?
i have never cleaned a vtec solenoid but i would imagine you could spray carb and choke through that screen once it is off of the solenoid, also yes i would probably get a new vtec solenoid gasket. its just better to change gaskets before putting things back together
I will try it soon but another problem just appeared, I was turning at a high speed and right away my car started jurking itself left and right. So whenever I go straight while increasing speed my car starts to jurk left and right as soon as I shift up to the next gear. I checked to see if my lug nuts were loose or something was wrong by the wheel but I couldn't find anything. I took off the wheel and took a look at my axle and cv boot but it seemed fine. If anyone knows what could have been damaged or could be the problem please let me know. thanks
when does this problem occur? when you're turning at a high rate of speed or all the time? a little more detail please.
I found out the problem, there was a bolt that fell out of a bar that was connected from the frame to the control arm. So now I have been just trying to find the right size bolt for it, anybody know the best way to find the right size bolt, I tried taking the same bolt off of the other side. I have been running back and forth from the auto parts store, next I'm going to Honda to look up the size bolt.