vtec light

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I have installed one in my car as a warning for any failures of the VTEC, Lets you know certain things if pressure is not correct, or if the solenoid is bad, or if your low on oil.
The light will actually throw a "code" if it's not working properly. It's interesting, the code is not exactly readable nor does it change, it just blinks once per second to let you know something is wrong, and it's dim.
I used a HILED (blue) to light up once VTEC kicks in. It's a very simple mod, can be done for probably <$10 and 30 minuites. The last time VTEC didn't work a bolt was bouncing around in my valve train.... wasn't perty.
When I let my friends drive they keep seeing the red light come on and they shift. Keeps them from ragging on it. :D
lol they think the vtec light is a shift light?? that's hillarious. I would love to play that trick on my friends. I'm interested in this now too. How did you wire up the light??? what wire did you hook it up to on the solenoid? can't you just hook it up to the yellow/green wire and then ground it??? would that work or no?
I did the whole vtec light thing today for a dollar nigntyseven all i did was go to radio shack and buy a red light all the other things i needed were in my house
1. red light 12 volt
2. several feet of wire
3. i used a male and female conector to splice into the vtec wire right at the selonoid at the back of the valve cover
4. a drill bit to drill the whole
5. a soldering iron and some solder

all the rest as they say is history
Tap to vtec solenoid wire by the ecu. The wire is A4 and orange-white. A4 is in the long harness connector. Hook it LED to positive and ground.