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Thanks for all your advices, but i still confusing <building a Vtec head>, do you mean get the Vtec head from GSR and swap in or what? please explain more specific. i plan to swap with B series only. :worthy:

My second question is: Swap in GSR Vtec head in to Rs engine is better or should i just swap the whole GSR engine. Thanks :P
"better" is hard to say.
both are good choices.

the ls/vtec is a lot more work, because you have to rip it out, get it machined, build it, and drop it in, wire it up.
the gsr is much easier, pull out the ls, sell it for 1500, drop in the gsr, wire it up.

really, it depends on your budget, how good with cars you are, and access to machine shops.
on this kind of situation, it's really just what you want. LS/VTEC is a good conversion for turbo applications. The only disvantage of the LS/VTEC is that you have to be as careful as you can, during high revs up to 8200 or more, you motor will tend to blow, due to because it's not to be built that way. (most LS/VTEC i see blow when reaching 8300) not to hate on the LS/VTEC proud owners, just commenting on the motor...if your thinking about LS/VTEC, build your block as best as you can, your head will need to be built to handle turbo applications too.....
As for the GSR, you dont have to do any hard conversion, just drop it in and wire up....or while the motor is not dropped in yet, just wait and tune the motor up, then drop it in....it's hecka of a less hassle...GSR are mostly great for running N/A tune up....you can get up into the 11 secs with the right modifications.....i have Toda/Spoon fully built with only 262 hp, and running 11. so it's up to you what you wanna run. BTW, i have been pulled by LS/VTECs turbo before too.....make your decision....
If you add a block girdle, and get better rods, do some head work, you will not have a problem revving to 8500 rpms, although for the cost of all of this you have a gsr motor with just slightly more output. Depends on what you are going for.