Wait.. It Has 3 Wheels

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minding my business.. bored at home.. looking at pictures and then.. dun dun duhhhhhh.. well.. you can see for yourself...

takes some work, props for the building. no props for how gay it is. lol
at least make a motorized tricycle out of a good motor cycle engine and a light frame.
OMG!!! That top thing connecting the steering wheel to the "Steering rack" looks to seem like wood. THe moron used a regular tire, and regular springs for suspension. WOW I can't believe someone would actually waste time on a mindless pos like that.
anyone ever see the three wheel motor cycle called the tRex or something like that? The thing looks bad ass.
back in higschool, people used to call me tripod
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Apr 8 2003, 09:07 PM
back in higschool, people used to call me tripod

WHOA!!! That was my nick name during football season. :D