walbro fuel pump install

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i just installed my walbro fuel pump, which was an absolute disaster btw. anyway its in and its working but my fuel pressure jumped almost 8 psi at idle. it was at 42ish, now its at about 50. i have an aem fuel pressure regulator, just havent installed it yet. do i need to install it and get the fuel pressure back down or is 50 psi okay for a gsr motor? reason i'm asking is because i want to sell the fpr if i dont need it so i can buy other things for my turbo project.


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im not sure about that, if its different than the b16 or not.

I have my b16 at 30 psi at idle and when you hit the throttle it spikes to 40. my set up is set for stock pressure. I would think that your setup should be the same.