Want Aftermarket Injectors And Fuel Pump

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i have a 90 integra, running a 65 shot of nitrous, and huge crower 404 cams. natrually the car is running lean, so i need a fuel pump and either 90 integra saturated fuel injectors, or im willing to get peak and hold injectors.. .. but it would be great to get the plugs and resistor box so that i can run other b-series injectors too. not sure on what size to get, any suggestions? thanks-matt
I have a set of pre0bd b17a injectors for sale. If interested pm me or email me...
same as all b-series do. they aren't high flow. look into getting at least 330's
I have a set of DSM 370cc's and 450cc's. They bolt up and work in late model honda/acura's. Just need clips which are included... The only other thing you need to do is enlarge the rubber o-rings at the intake as the tips of these injectors are slightly beefier.
i have RC 320cc peak and hold injectors and I'm willing to sell it with the resistor box... give me a fair deal... I think i paind around 200-350 cant remember but RC can.. give em a buzz and make me and offer... I'm selling cause they are WAY to rich for my stock 88 prelude... Gia_74@hotmail.com