Wanted: 92-95 Civic W/ Completed Swap

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:D Hi guys,

This is obviously my first time posting here, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I'm a Student Nurse out in California, and soon I'm planning on buying a car, and I figured, why not attempt to get one with a little meat on it.

I've decided on a civic w/ an engine swap already done on it. I'm getting a loan from a family member, and he wont allow me to buy extra stuff for the car, so i figured i'd cheat a little, and get a car with the major modification i want, already done.

But there is a downside, and i'm sure its going to be what kills this search for me, my budget is about 4k :blink:. And I'm pretty sure I wont be able to find a civic in decent condition, with the engine swap, for that low. But, you never know until you try. right?

Heres what i'm lookin for a 92 n up honda civic (HB or coupe) w/ a completed and functional engine swap.

So if anyone on here has a civic and would like to talk, or knows a guy who needs to sell his car, but wants to be sure it'll go to a good home, or even if you know a website that has auctions or sells cars that might have what i'm looking for, feel free to add a reply to this, or if you prefer confidentiality, you can Email me at svnhartnett@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading this far! :p

look on honda-tech...there are several classifieds that fall within your requirements.
I'll sell you mine for $12,000... all ready to go and tear up some Corvettes. I think that's a little outside your price range though.


Good luck!
thanks guys =)

(sorry i took so long to reply, been bustin my hump with school)
i appreciate the input, and the well wishes!

I glanced at Honda swap and there is a few good choices on there, thanks for the help!

i have a 92 dx hb(charcoal gray)
minor dings on two door paint still good

heres all the major mods

94b18b1 80xxxmiles(paperworks provided)
runs strong..recent timming belt/water pump changed/brakes/valves tuned!
(oil changed every 2000 miles with only Mobil 1/no oil leaks!)
a'pexi n1 catback
95 gsr with new good years(no camber wear)
i will switch my suspension out..and add stock struts and eibach springs

Im willing to work with you on the price...will part out my turbo/intercooler and other stuff to meet your needs!!!!!!(you provide any header/oil pan

Car just been salvaged!!!! i didnt back up in time and a 4 runner back up into me(no horn!)...both of us was in a hurry for traffic court! My hood/right fender/right headlight housing/frame was slightly push in....all is fix with new parts!

Brake/Lamp inspection is complete with cert.
CHP Vin # verification is incomplete! Chp got me for no air bag!....You need to put in a stock steering wheel with an airbag to complete!...all engine/parts verified!
**you need to get that to pass then you can register the car with DMV!* sold as is!

Email is hazzgarage@aol.com ...location is northern cali....email me for pic!
sent you an Email fffff, just incase you didn't get it, let me know.
I'll sell you my hatch for 13k if you want? Fully built ls/vtec turbo...
lol, i wish i had 13k to spend on a hatch, but i can't even come CLOSE to that much....

sucks to be me i guess :blink: hehe
i have a 94 Civic h/b CX with JUST a b16, short shifter, and a muffler. Im not even sure what kid they are. I baught the car like 2 weeks ago for a project, but no money to fund it. I'll let it go for 3400. I can have it towed there probly for under 400, let me know. BTW it is Dark gray. And it has SI wheels on it. Also it has very little body damage, and i think 126 on chasis. Probly less on motor, but dont know. It does come with the receipt for the motor. It was 1500 for just the b16.
Let me know
Email me at LudeHatchH22a@aol.com