Wanted: H22, H23, Or F20

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Junior Member
Looking for decently priced H22A, H22A1, H23, or F20B engine. The engine is to be for a 1993 Accord EX. I'm located in NY. If anyone has one lying around or knows where I can get one, let me know. I'm a college student on a budget, but my F22 is reaching the point of no return and I'm not rebuilding it. I'd prefer the H22A1 or H23 because they're USDM and hence cheaper, but if you have the H22A or F20B, please let me know. Nothing over 60kmi, please. Thanks!!

Hey Mike...

I am selling my F20A with prelude S tranny... complete swap with ECU.. coz I will be going for H23A non-vtec with Turbo

so if you are still interested in getting one.. let me know..


i can get you the H22A for about 1400 with less than 40k on it and it will be shipped to your house. that is a great motor
i can get any motor you want, JDM or USDM, i have a great place to get them and they come complete or just the motor, so if you want one or your buddies do just let me know, and no i am not a business