PA WANTED: RSX Type-S Stock Muffler

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Resident Asshole
The title speask for itself I guess, im looking for a stock muffler from an RSX Type-S
Well, it's actually for a friend of mine, he is sick of the extremely loud exhuast he has, so he just wants to put a Type-S muffler on it. I just told him I would try and help him find one. Thanks for the bump
if i could find one as well it'd be on the teg.. i'm sure someone in town has a stocker
He said they sound pretty good, with an aftermarket exhaust and one of those stock muffler on there, can't wait to hear it lol
my buddy Matt put one on his 95 civic coupe, it was completely stock... sounded good though
club rsx always has some for sale. but there prolly the biggest dick heads on that site ive ever encountered
well, the only reason i go there is for parts other than that i have no use for them