Weird Noise?

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aight this is the 411, i drive my 89 CRX, and i can shift into gears easy and the car sounds fine from the exhaust usually from 2k rpm's and up but usually 3rd or 4th gear , its at bout 1500 rpm there is this very weird rattling noise comming from the back of the exhaust, the person i got it from used flex pipe from half way back... so im not sure if that is it or not, im gettin an exhaust system thursday but i was wondring if it could be anything else... o yeah, it does have a couple leaks, they used 2" flex pipe on i think 1 1/2 in stock crx pipe... very odd, but hope you can help !! thanks


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loose heat sheild ???
hard to say without being there to hear it


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most likely a heat shield.

Get under the car and look for places where metal is really close to metal. and rip off the head shields, unless it is really close to your floorboard. You can set your carpet on fire that way