Welp, here it is, My first check.

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I've been payed to play live at peoples houses, I've been payed for CDs in the past, but this is the first time I was hired for a TV/Movie project. =)

I spent 3-4 hours total between talking to the producer and playing/writing music. all said and done with I wrote about 12-13 mins worth of music.
They used maybe 5 mins of it to do what they needed to do.
so that works out to be $100 a min.

The bad part about it is the fact that I think the music sucks! the type of music they needed is just so...... .... ... blah. I couldnt have any fun I had to keep everything boring and bland. I guess sometimes that's how it works.

I was told everyone on the client side of things loved it!

If anyone needs music for a project let me know =)

p.s the video was only a 7 min histroy clip of the companys background.
How do I play this extremely simple part and still make it come to life

In this case you don't they don't want anything othre then simple background music. The music was the easy part. finding out when they wanted me to cut out or fade music was harder.

oh at the end let it ring out, or step it down a few notes then end on a weird note... that kinda stuff.

I get offers for live gigs all the time but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE playing cover tunes.

300 bucks for 2 hours of playing isnt unheard of. but I'd rather skip it if its going to make me hate playing.


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Originally posted by jeffie7@Jul 16 2005, 05:28 PM
p.s the video was only a 7 min histroy clip of the companys background.
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it didn't happen to be an elevator company, did it? :lol:
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jul 17 2005, 02:03 AM
omfg!!! lol!!!

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Nah I don't think its such an ownage because I knew it was coming =)~

and for the record I would have much rather did that type of music then what I did.

ohwell its like 125 bucks an hour so what do I care =)


here's something I did a few hours ago that should put you guys to sleep =)
Man who gives a fuck what ya got paid. You were paid for doing something you like and you got paid for something you created. That, my friend, is awesome. Congratulations. Hope your clients and the amount of your paychecks both grow exponentially. :)