went to the dyno today

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well I went to the dyno today to tune my haltech ems. fuel was fine and as was timing, but every run made just around 140whp. The motor I have is a jdm b18c1 and I'm really confused. The low speed lobe made perfectly flat torque at 112ft-lbs and when vtec hit it spiked to 125ftlbs and just kept falling on its face so fast that whp was damn near perfectly flat at 140whp. any ideas?!?
My setup is pretty crude, 2 1/4 exhaust with a 2.5 inch flowmaster muffler(was in the garage from an old v8) and the stock intake boot with a filter for an intake. The motor is a jdm b18c1 that came off a car with an auto trans (maybe cams are different?) and haltech ems thats fairly decently tuned. The dual intake valve opens and vtec does work. It definitely doesn't sound as loud as the b16's opening up vtec so maybe I'm suspecting something is wrong with vtec somewhere. Any ideas anyone?!?


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the cams are different. auto cams suck and effect vtec.

look at getting some type r ones or stock manual ones


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Originally posted by ripperbone@Jul 2 2005, 11:51 PM
the cams are different. auto cams suck and effect vtec.

look at getting some type r ones or stock manual ones
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I thought the only 'auto cams' that were different than '5spd cams' were on 1st gen b16a's


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Maybe your motor is fubar? Did you check compression, ignition system, everything up to par? A haltech ems seems overkill for your app., but I guess I'd take it if it were given to me. I'd check out any obvious problems that might be causing your engine to lose power.


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I was under the impression that only B16A had a different manual/auto cam. You should be dynoing right around 150-155 I would think. post up your graph.


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Even if it is a different cam from the auto/man. That number is low. A stock auto cam should not be making 10-15 whp less regardless.


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LS's have different auto/man cams. And they make about a 5 hp difference.

Haltech is way overkill. I would use haltech on a car that couldn't be chipped or modified. Like my 96 A4. But since you have it, it won't/shouldn't hurt.

Your numbers are defenitly low. My friends GSR with IHE makes 166 whp or something close to that.