were all 92 civic's inc. hatchbacks wired for vtec

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i want to buy an ecu harness for my 94ex and i know this guy selling one that came off a 92 civic hatch cx. he says that all 92 model civics were wired for vtec no matter model type it is. Is he bullshitting me or is he telling the truth. thanx


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not all, but MOST are. so hances are, he is telling the truth.

BUT, i still wouldn't pick it up from him--- you will need to run a 4-wire o2 for most vtec motor's computer, and the CX harness is wired for a single wire.
it will not be a plug N play swap -- which is what you're looking to do so it seems. the EX/si harness is still the easiest to work with.

and more so, if your car isn't a 92-- you will still need to run the wires from the ecu up to the cannon plugs on the shock tower.

and wait-- ecu harness?? you mean the ecu to the shock tower part right?

yeah, that will have the vtec wires on it... but it won't have the 4-wire o2 lines... so you will need to run the heated sensor wire (the other 2 are grounds)
Wrong, B. It's got the 4-wire o2 wires. Even the CX.

If you've got a 92 in-car harness, all you've gotta do is plug in any 92-95 VTEC engine harness, or any 92-01 Integra VTEC harness, and you're good to go.

The ONLY wire you'll have to add is for the knock sensor, and that's only if you're running an ecu that requires it.



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are you sure about this?

how does the 1-wire cx o2 function through the 2 wires that go to the ecu for the 4-wire?
I'm 100% positive. I've got a 92 CX, and all I did was plug in my GSR harness and run a wire for the knock sensor.

The CX's 1-wire uses one of the wires for the 4-wire, I believe. Either way, the wires are there on the in-car harness.

Oh, and B, where are you getting your info? O2 sensors don't have 2 grounds, dude...The 2 black wires are the heater control (pin A6 on the ECU) and voltage (pin A25 or B1 or ignition). The white wire is the o2 signal (pin D14) and the green wire is the o2 ground (pin D22).

2 grounds? :roll:


Yip, the wires are in place, there's just nothing on the receiving end.