Were Can I Buy Preformance Cams That Are Regular?

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Were can I buy Preformance Cams that are regular? (I mean this will work as the one that I have in my engine right now)
And my engine is b18c5
Go to an acura dealer and buy OEM ITR cams. IF you just want to keep your stock idle, get a skunk 2 valve train set. They can give up to 12hp vs. ITR cams.
Contact GUDE performance @ gude.com if your on a budget. They can cut your cam cores to any grind you want, stock idle to full race. If cost is'nt a factor, go w/Crane or Crower. New cores, factory base grind, less valve traine weare. OEM ITR is a good choice for close to stock idle, but there not cheep.
uhh, guys, he has a b18c5, so he already has ITR cams in there, lol! if you want to swap cams without upgrading your valvetrain get either toda spec a's or skunk2 stage1's... any others you will need upgraded springs/retainers.
do not get gude, reground cams are crap, dont be mean to your type-r.
I still want to know why you'd want to buy performance cams that are same as the ones in your motor?
B16'S right! i mixed up C1/C5. I never said GUDE was gold. Read: " On a budget" and " Valve train wear" SKUNK cams are re-grinds too, whats the differance.
Actually you are incorrect sir
These camshaft blanks are cast from the same foundries used by auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi, and utilize the latest in Japanese chill-casting technology.

direct from the skunk2 site.
well, the difference is skunk2 cams are NOT regrinds, like lsvtec said :)
Gude= damaged motor. Stay far away. Trust me, I've seen him return a head so fucking warped that it leaked externally, and replied " I don't know how much we took off. (It turned out to have a static compression ratio of over 16:1 and had to be thrown away!!!)