what brand of gas is best??

  • arco

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  • shell

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  • mobil

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  • texaco

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  • exxon

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  • bp

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  • sun

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PRETEND ALL GAS PRICES ARE EQUAL. which brand of gas do u think is the best? i tried to list only the major brands.

I voted for chevron by the way.
consumer reports did a study a few years ago on this, and they concluded that all brands of gas basicly performed the same, there was no noticible difference between brands of gas, i think the test was done with 87, 89, and 91 octane. I will try and find the article.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 18 2002, 04:25 AM
you forgot AAmco-  pimp ass gas@

ive never even heard of aamco gas, and i have lived on both east and west coasts lol (originally from so. jersey)

out here, all aamco does is fix trannys.

regarding the consumer reports article, i have alot of respect for their findings, but from my own experience, i can feel noticeable differences most of the time. maybe its the way they process the gas here. we have that stupid clean air act that the gas co.s have to conform to specially for us in cali.

heres what i have found from my own experience....

chevron gives my car a little more oomph

mobil is often pisswater

arco is ALWAYS pisswater

costco...dont even get me started!! i know others that also say costco gas sucks. if you like engine knock...get your gas there.

texaco...never really tried

shell...seems ok

sunoco, exxon, aamco, bp ....these are not available here
just to let you know, BP, arco, amoco, thrifty, are all the same company (british petrol). exxonmobil (of course) one company, chevron, shell and texaco are same company, costco is diluted catshit. I usually fill with chevron or mobil.
mobil has always been just fine for me.
I used some cheap ass gas station the other week cause I was away from home, couldn't find a mobil, and my car actually ran like shit. It actually stalled on me a few times.
i go to conoco or phillps 76 i think thats what is called.. i go there cuz there the only ones with 93 :D
Not always, if you are buying from a big company that is true. But if you are buying from Joe's Gas4Less or Earl's Buy'N'Fly then you are probably buying watered down gas.
amaco or bp is overpriced crap, shell and mobil are the best two pump gases, mobil will get you a bit smoother run with less mpg and shell runs pretty good and better mpg. BP gas gets me really bad mpg
shell SUX! shell and texaco use the same gas (haven't tapped into techron yet), it is notorious for being VERY dirty. mobil is cool though =]