What Can I Do W/ A B18a?

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I have a 91 Integra LS and I want to go pretty fast like low 14's or even high 13's w/o nos and turbo, or even LS vtec. What can I do?
high compression pistons, PnP the head, more agressive cam, close ratio tranny, lightweight flywheel, light ass rims, sticky ass tires, weight reduction.... the list can go on forever
Jdm p73 or p30 pistons , gsr tranny and nice clutch set-up of course all of the bolt-ons
you will be hittin 14's no problem , 13's depending on weight
I think what you need to figure out before you ask that question is what is this car used for? Is it your daily driver or is it a project car? What are your plans for it? Occasional street racing or full on drag, etc...
The reason you need to answer these questions first is so you can account for driveability, reliability and so on and so on...just food for thought before you start slapping a random set of parts on your car in search of more power.
step 1- the key is planning.
step 2-plan early and be very detailed.
step 3-stick to your plan.
there are a million diffent things that you can do. if i was you i would go with a b-16 head, wiseco pistons (with a high c/r), rods of some sort, cams, intake, ehxhaust, etc. this will easily be a fourteen second car.

p.s the reason that i suggest rods is because ls motors are not engineered to be 8000 rpm motors if you rev that high with as long of a stroke as your motor has, your piston speed will be crazy high. the weak link in this formula is the conection point between the rod and piston. if all of this is stong then you can over come the added stress of all of those extra revs.
i prefer you build that block to the fullest, get that head ported and polish and builted....of course your motor won't be going over 8000....JG makes good heads, with the right valve train, i know you'll reach 13.....i've seen it before.....LS/VTEC is a good option, but is not built to over rev.....LS turbo is another great option, after you have built that motor for turbo applications.....contact me for more info.....my shop has great ASE certifed techs that specialize in N/A tune up....
Originally posted by skylineboy@Feb 26 2003, 11:28 PM
w/o nos and turbo, or even LS vtec.


he doesnt want a turbo, N2O, or an LS/VTEC
he wants to get into the 13's (drag racing) with an all motor LS
judging that he is shooting for 13's id say hes not looking to do "full out" drag racing probly just wants a decent street car that he can go to the track with without getting laughed at