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I have Civic 92 LX. Some friend tell me to buy a d16Z6 and do port polish head and 3 angle seat valve. I think is good but is not the best I can do for my NOS kit(dry 50hp).

I need to know what is the best swap for lower price for use my NOS and longest life motor ???

Thank you !!
well a sohc vtec isnt a bad engine, but wont give u anypower in a 4 door without the nos on 24/7. the best bet would be to buy a b18b1 and drop the nos on it. the added torque will easily get the LX moving quickly and with a 50 shot of nos, u should be near the low 14's with good driving. the b18b1 will be a little more expensive than the z6 but is alot better for ur LX in the long run.
b18 is an awesome motor, been running it in my integra and can't wait to see what it'll do in my crx.....

btw u can find a b18a out of a junkyard pulled out for around $300...at least that's what they go for in my area...w/tranny $400....
just make sure that you get one with a hydraulic tranny, cable tranny in a hydraulic chassis is to much work