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i have a friend who is getting an odyssey 99 what kind of upgrades can he do? and what should he start with? and where could i find info on this subject?please post links.....thnx i REALLY appreciate it guys oh and the reason he is fixing up an odyssey is because he is in a wheelchair and unfortunately it is the only vehicle he can drive so please help. thnx again ~mike~
do you have any information on the engine, we aren't too familar with it, but I have seen aftermarket things on an Odyssee before.
what model is it? They do have actually great performance for a mini van. It is basicly the exact same engine as the acura 3.2 liter engine. There are acutally a few good companys that make suspention parts for them but alot of the parts you (your freind) is going to have to fabricate. For exhaust most likely your going to buy a universal muffler (get a good brand, gready ws, thermal, all are good options) and then go to an exhaust shop and have them bend the piping for the rest of it. You might want to look at some lighter wheels saying that the 16's? that are on there now are extremly heavy (parents have a 2000 ex odyssess) Also for CAI, your going to have to also costom fabricate one, teamdelsol has a how to for one, you will just have to make a few diffrent cuts. Ever thought of turboing it?

That might help. One of the guys my girlfriend's dad works with runs that site. He's a major SE-R gearhead (my ex-roommate with his SE-R says this dude knows his stuff) so there should be pretty good detail in there.