What Can I Put In My 96 Civic Dx

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I have a 1996 Civic DX and I want to put a new engine in,

Correct me if I am wrong , but I believe a B16A,A2 or B18A1, B1 or C1 will bolt right in, since my car is OBD2 what harness should I use ??? The harness with the new engine and what Ecu should I use, I know the ecu with the engine, but should I get a B16A2 since it is from an OBD2 car as well, I would think then , everything would be matching up pretty good as far as harness, ecu , sensors,

What should I swap??? B16A2 or B16A, or A1 , will the OBD decide this since the engines are nearly comparable.

the question should be, how much are you willing to spend? or whether you want to go drag or autoXing. these questions will let us know what direction you want to go and in turn will give us a better response to your question.
Scratch the B16AsiR and the A1 off your list.Yes they will go in but the wiring sucks and they are illegal in most places as they are older than your car.The 95+ B18C1/5,B16A2 are the direct bolt in's for your car + the vtec wiring.
one more questions what about a H22a for this car, OBD2 will that be good for a swap , with the Hasport or HCP mounts , will the wiring be ok since the car is OBD2 and if I have an OBD2 H22 setup??

I'm not too sure of the differences in the harnesses,if there even are any.But as far as OBD II,they will work together in the fact that they both are.
Ok I just found out from my friend that I can get this motor from , is that it is a 93 Prelude H22A engine with harness, which I would imagine is a OBD1, since the car I am putting it in is a OBD2 , do I just need to get a OBD2 ECU and use the existing harness,
or would I have to get something like a OBD1 to OBD2 adaptor harness so my h22a OBD 1 harness will go into my OBD2 ECU, please advise