What Clutch For A B18c1 W/ Turbo?

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I will shortly be pulling the d16z6 in my del sol and replacing it with a b18c1. I will drive the b18c1 around for a little while n/a, but i will be getting turboed. It will make decent power, but nothing crazy. What clutch would be a good one for this application? What have you guys had experience with and what do you recomend? The car will be a daily driver. Thank you. :worthy:
check out the ACT line of clutchs I really like mine and have had no problems with it I run a 6 puck clutch but you might just want to go with a simple mild clutch unless your looking to make sick power I would say anything over 250WHP go with the 6puck
I'm doing the same thing with my 94 hb. I picked up an ACT Heavy Duty with Organic (model # AI4-HDSS). It starts off kinda heavy, but after the 300 mile break in it feels almost like stock. I told my local shop what I was planning on doing (gsr with revhard 2c) and he said that this would work just fine.
ACT is great and I just put an Exedy ultralight flywheel and organic clutch in a GSR last week and it ran SO strong-I'm getting one now.I was very impressed. Either way just stay the hell away from Clutchmasters. I put one (ultralight flywheel and clutch) I got really cheap in my civic to give them a try and it fucking blew up and took out my newly rebuilt tranny and cracked my block around the rear main seal housing after like 5000 miles. :angry: