What Clutch To Use?

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I've got all my engine plans just about finished, but now i need a way to get this to the ground. I'm using an LS transmission with a Quaife LSD, but i need a suitable clutch that will hold 300lb-ft without slipping or burning up. I'm considering clutchmaster's Stage IV. I want something that's streetable without too harsh of an engagement and too much pedal effort. Also, can the stock LS gearset handle this kind of power, or will i need to have my tranny built as well?
Thanks. :D
os giken twin disc would suite u nicely. easily hold the hp and is completely rebuildable and u can adjust the pressure plate if u feel that it grabs too hard. complete kits include chromoly flywheel as well.
What Honda engine are you building that will produce 300 lb-ft of torque?!
hes going ls... like all the smart people do :p

as for what clutch- chris, i never heard of that- have any links???

clutchmasters- i USED to recommend them after seeing what it did is steves car. Going to E_solsi's buddy's garage- i will never buy one. LMAO- thing got fizzzucked. had like 1k miles on it.
ACT is the way I'm leaning right now... unless chris's suggestion shows better after i find out wtf it is :)
OS giken is the OEM manufacturer for alot of clutch companies in Japan. they make clutches for Cusco and the like.

here is a link that i dug up, not spec. for hondas but;


here is one that we had for a nissan;


i had a honda one, but cant find the pics right now, it was waaay too much for my whaaawping 180hp.

as i said before they are complete packages: pressure plate, discs, flywheel. def. not a cheap proposition tho. but they will hold anything u can throw at it, atleast with a Honda motor. you would want a twin plate for anything hovering around 250-300+ hp.

Ogura racing clutch (ORC), Action Traction Service (ATS), and Exedy japan (not sure about US) all make similar packages. ATS has optional carbon friction plates, extremely light and can take alot of heat. hope that helps a lil bit.
Yup, going LS/T all the way. :D

OS Giken does make a twin disk clutch for the ITR, and i'm told it will fit my LS, but at $2500 bucks for the whole kit (including flywheel) it looks like i might have to go a different route. ;)
I was going to say...bring your freakin wallet. Bad ass clutch though. I just had a 5000 mile old clutchmasters clutch and flywheel spit out the pressure plate bolts--cracking the parts themselves, the webbing on the back of the motor and almost sawing into my diff. All on a newly built tranny I had to throw away and build another. Long story long, stay away. For the same prices I can now get Exedy ultralight flywheels and clutch packs (stage 3 & 4 equivelent) that look like works of art. I'm going with tried and true J-spec driveline components now. If you notice, about 5 domestic companies are now selling the same flywheel that is just in different colors. I don't know who's manufacturing for everybody but they are all the same down to the last bolt.
Thanks for the help. :)

Where's a good place to get an Exedy clutch kit that will meet my requirements? And if you don't mind me asking, who built your tranny for ya?
I built mine. I work for Honda and had thankfully rebuilt two because I was bored during the slow season. They don't rebuild at the dealership anymore, just replace--so I gottem laying everywhere. I don't know what the advertising rules are around here so if you want to e-mail me I can set you up with the Exedy stuff . cws13@UGA.EDU
Well i did a little more clutch research today, and now i'm leaning toward ACT. I want a clutch that will handle the power but still have a fairly streetable attitude. ACT allows you to mix and match disks and pressure plates to suit your app. If i went with EXEDY, it seems i only have a choice of two:

1. Organic (32% more clamping)
2. Cerametallic (72% more clamp, but "marginal" streetability according to them)

They make a twin disk, but i haven't found an app. for the integra. :(

I think i'm going with an ACT organic street disk and Xtreme pressure plate. It has a torque capacity of 319 and 100% more clamping force than stock. Whatcha think? :)
Spec wise it is a good choice. I honestly don't have much experience with ACT. What they mean by "marginal" is an honest way of describing what ACT and clutchmasters does with numbers. Any time you get into a Stage 3 or 4 clutch you have longer break in required and harsher engagement. Think about it, what do you think is going to snap harder 72% more clamp or 100%. ACT's stuff is metallic compound at that level too. We just got in our list of Exedy stuff and tegs are on there.
i recommend ACT, fuck clutchmasters.. those things fall apart. I got a friend who has a ACT and he puts through hell..and its still kickin ass.. sounds like your making a wise choice.
Originally posted by paragus@Jan 11 2003, 05:20 PM
i recommend ACT, fuck clutchmasters..


i have a clutchmasters POS on the wall in my garage that blew apart in 2000 miles... literally in pieces

whatever you get just be sure its sprung the unsprung clutches engage way too harshly and WILL destroy your tranny (seen this happen too :( )
Just to throw in- I run an HD/SS ACT setup, and it's really nice and smooth. If I was building a turbo engine, I would just upgrade to XT/SS- maybe a more aggressive disc... but XT/SS should be all you need for a streetable turbo clutch.
Yeah I would say to go with the ACT xtreme pressure plate and the full face organic disc.
How easy/difficult is the clutch install? What needs to be removed, what tools do you need, etc???
My clutch is dead, and hte lude is just sitting there, begging for some ACT love...ANY HELP?

thanks guys n gals - Pete
I don't mean this to be a prick at all...just to keep you from dropping a tranny on your face. If you need to ask that you should take it to a shop. It takes a lot more than should be attempted at home for the first time.
ive done EXEDY and my girl had ACT in both her civic and her integ.
honestly, im going ACT next time. lasts longer, feels stronger.