What Do I Need To Put A V-tec Engine In My Crx?

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I am hoping that some of you can help me...

I have an crx -89 with an 1.6 16v d16z5 engine and i was wondering what the motor code on a v-tec engine that would fit is, and does my gear box fit on that engine and so on.

so if anyone could tell me what i need and what to do i would be a very happy man, sinse my old engine broke down cuz i fried the pistons and pistonrings and the block i desperatly need your help!

Ps i'm from norway so my english ain't that good sorry.
you need a b16a1 from a 88-91 siR or VTi.You will need to replace the tranny(gearbox),axles,ecu,mounts and shiftlinkage.I am pretty sure you had the VTi over there,so it shouldn't be hard to locate one.
1.) www.powerzone.no
2.) www.import-tuning.no
3.) www.adtracing.com
Here are some shops in Norway they may help.Not to sure what they specialize in.