What Do I Need....

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its my first swap and i've been thinkin and thinkin...i still cant think of all the stuff i need for a whole swap for my B20-vtec swap...i need some help...im freakin brain dead....i know that i have to tap the oil...and the dowel pin thing but i need more info of the small but usefull stuff for a full swap....anything to help me out...thanks.... :unsure:
It is like any other swap..You will need motor.. trans.. axles...ecu..WIring harness..etc and a whole lota curse words..lol but no realy remember to tap for the oil and to use a total seal and to make sure of all conections and when you are done your golden... :ph34r:
i would NOT recommend a b20 vtec as your first swap. get it built professionally.
not only is it a swap- it needs to be built CORRECTLY first.