what do u guys think is best to do

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okay i current have a 95' b18c1 in my 93 civic hatchback. i have aem cai, greddy pe exhaust, and skunk2 intake manifold. thats the engine stuff i m current fixing up my cars body to prep for painting, but when it comes around im wondering what to do next. i dont want like the fastest car in the world but good performance for the price is always fun. i m kinda stasified with my cars power but i would still like to light up some 5.0's and what not. i was thinking headers, or camshafts. camshafts are a little pricey and i dont know if necessarily wnat them, they will be nice but thats alot of money. i dont want to do anything outragiously expensive like a turbo or something i see no need, i just want to quick clean hatchback. what do u guys think? headers and than maybe after a while some camshafts aand upgrade the valvetrain? give my your opinions i just want to know what you guys think i m going to do something but i dont know what

go with the header first, then save for the valvetrain. Get cams, springs, valves, retainers, the works. They you will be able to rev to 9k all day long and get that much closer to beating 5.0's
yes, headers, then cams/cam gears/valve train.. do all head work at the same time :)
Headers, Pulleys, Cam gears, and the V-AFC. If you ain't satisfied after that then go for the cams! Also try a high flow cat to completely open that exhaust up while still keeping some backpressure.
What are these "headers" you guys speak of? I have a header on my car.

The header is the best place to start. Without it you won't see as big a gain from the cams.
header, headers, i'm just used to saying headers, it flows out easier :) i'd scratch the pulleys, had an aem one on my alternator and i think that was the cause of it going out. the gains are not noticeable.
Pulleys always made me nervous. Honda designed each alternator to meet the electrical needs of the given chassis, that is something I wouldn't screw with.
Header first- that's your bottleneck right now. Get a DC 4-1 or something similar.

After that, go for a VAFC or a Hondata to tune your car, then cams and cam gears. If you've got the cash for it, you can drop in some higher compression pistons, stronger rods, then do a fancy port & polish on the head... but that gets into some serious bank.

i would do cams and header, your skunk 2 manifold probably didn't give you to much of a hp gain. The CTR cams will utilize the intake manifold because the bigger lift and longer duration will suck more air in which will give you much better hp gains.
I am going to run pulleys on my LS. I already have them. why? if you felt how light the crank pulley is compared to the stock you'd shit yourself.
10 lbs vs <1 lb here
yeah, they are a little smaller on both ends too, but so what? alternators are desinged to run accesories...

The only accessory(ies) I want on while I'm boosting are my guages, my hondata, and headlights at night.