What Engine In A Late 80's Crx, Im New

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first of all im kinda new to the import scene, just kinda want a project car, i own a 2000 trans am ws6 and a 1987 buick grand national. now im looking to get a late 80's crx hf and swap a motor into it, im looking to either swap in a b16a or a b22a, im really wanting to go fast in a strait line, not really worried about auto crossing, whats the best motor to go fast ? just not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on a b18c or something like that.


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The HF is prime for a b16 or b18 swap. A h22 swap is a lot of work in a crx and only one company that i know of makes the mounts, and that is place racing. with the h22 swap you will have to cut and weld your engine bay and majorly modify your car. If you have a lot of time and cash i would recommend it, it will be way cheaper to swap in a b16, b18a, b18C. Turboing your motor will get you going fast in a straight line.


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fastguy- look into getting an 88-91 CRX. The earlier models are lighter, but they're much harder to swap the popular engines into. The engine bays are extremely small, and there aren't too many easy mount options for them. HASport http://www.hasport.com does make a B series mount kit for the 84-87 CRXs though, so that's an option you might want to research as well.

Stick around on the board- there's tons of information here.