What engine is it???

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Lift that fucker and put some super swampers on it, that will make the ride better, and your gonna spend a fortune on bolt-ons which will only add to the metal on that under powered tank of hers. Look into bolting on some 50 cali. machine guns, and if she has a sun roof, u can add a mortar to the center console. That would be tight.No show No go but all Blo.
Originally posted by jerm781@Dec 13 2002, 11:14 PM
....... and then a underdrive pully.

is there a stereo system in the car??? does she use the accessories like AC a lot???? if so do NOT get an underdrive pulley... a friend of mine got an underdrive pulley... he also had a small stereo system in his car.... if he wasnt moving or reving the gas he would lose voltage from the alternator not spinning as much and almost stall out the car (batery got fucked up by this too it wouldnt get recharged enough by the alternator).... the same goes for AC... underdrive pulleys are not a good idea in a daily driven car