What Engines Will Fit A 4th Gen Vic

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:huh: Hi,
I'm looking for a nice, strong engine that will fit into a 4th gen(90) civic.....I know of the OLD b16's
but I just dont wanna go that route. Any help would be appreciated :blink:
any other B series will work... but will require more work
ok, thanks e sol i but what kind of extra work will be required for a b18b or the like to go into this car??
and the ZC and the b18a have only 130hp, what is stock on this car(4th gen vic, 90)
ZC,D16A8 (ZC),D16A9 (ZC) Direct bolt-in swap Some wiring modifications needed
For the B18B you'd need mounts,along with the usual,shiftlinkage,axles ecu and you'd need to do some wiring,to deal with the OBD.
never say a b18a and a ZC in the same class. a ZC is a Dseries, and a b18a is a B series. u dont buy a B18a for hp, u buy it for torque. the ZC is just a cheap easy swap. a B18a is a powerful easily modified expensiver swap. a b18a stock vs a stock ZC is about 1-1.5 seconds difference give or take a little, thats alot in the world of motors. thats like the old my v6 stang will own ur lame 1.6Si CRX. and we all know who wins that race. do a little more research b4 u swap ur engine. a B18a and a B16a are the best choices, B18a for torque and B16a for high rev's and HP. if u want a cheeper swap get the ZC, its a good reving little engine and puts out good hp for the price. but limited modifications.
D16Z5 found in the ED9 is good motor,but I'm not sure of the availibilty in the states,the B18A would be much easier to find.But since they are within 4 hp and about 10ftlbs of each other they are definitely in the same "class".And in a light 4th gen will still kick ass,I know my CRX 1.6i-16 came with it stock and was quick as hell.
I just picked up a ZC for about 750 canadian or ,mabye 450 US. The ZC is boostable. Greddy make a turbo kit for the 92-95 Si and it is a direct fit for the ZC. The ZC is not limited to mods. It's a simple engine to work with. Also, If you have a very good importer, zc's came weith 130-137 hp depending on the donor car, Try to find the 137. I believe it from the JDM HF?