what happens when you crash @ 170mph

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yeah those can be brutal, that was a nice intetine pile on the ground. you know it is crucial when the guys head it split in two, and it is difficult to say how he got wrapped around the guard rail. i feel sorry for the clean up crew. i am glad i was not called to that scene.


yeah that shits nasty. but I'd have to say those pics are like 2 yrs old or so, they were on the stileproject web site moons ago.


*cough* jeremy *cough*

lets hope that we dont see a MR Si in pics resembling those anytime soon.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 2 2002, 10:11 PM
hello and welcome to 2 years ago....

this is mad old

yep, on another car site, they showed... and I still can't find the head starting on the 5th picture...
looks somewhat painful. im sure it put a damper in their day lol
can u say roadkill?? :rolleyes:

ive never seen a head split open or a dismembered body for that matter. now i am wondering why it makes me laugh lol :)