What I Need For B162 Swap

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i have 96 DX hatch
and i wanna buy JDM b16 from Hmotorsonline or Osakajdmmotors
but i don know which is better....... Osaka is cheaper but i don know about the quality....
and i dont know what parts i need for b16 swap
if i buy complete change over... what i need for perfect swap
or if i buy only longblock.. what i need?
let me know
Run away screaming from Osucka.Hybridrevolution or hmotorsonline seem much better.Both places can provide a complete swap,I believe.
osaka sucks ass ... incomplete swaps, fucked up product, shitty service, slow ass shipping, etc....
i got my B18C/R from hmotorsonline.com it is in mint condition i couldnt have asked for a better engine... it came with everything :thumbsup:
Yeah i heard a lot of bad stuff about that osaka crap..wouldn't recommend it..maybe you should stick with the familiar territory for now. don't go messing around with cheap ghetto places like osaka..besides..it's all in the name..would you want to buy a motor from the man who tried to kill you?
Originally posted by simonc@Feb 27 2003, 06:48 AM
That's Osama dude

same shit.

as for the question that started the thread, get a complete swap... they run $2,350 from hmotorsonline, but check out hybridrevolution first and get a quote from them. the complete swap should come with everything you need... don't quote me on it though. don't get just a longblock, you'll end up parting together a half-assed swap that could have been avoided by just gettin' the full swap in the first place.
Originally posted by simonc@Feb 27 2003, 06:48 AM
That's Osama dude

no, the shitty place for mototrs is Osaka Motors