What Is A Good Muffler

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i have a ractive muffler and want to replace it with a decent one that is worth a shit i got the ractive because it was cheap and i didnt have the money to get a good one but which one should i get
well i was kind of thinking about a 5zigen exhaust but after looking at their site it didnt look like they make one for the del sol who make good axle back systems that are lightweight and sound nice that is what i want
The best sound will come from a full cat-back system... if you don't want to spend the money, a chambered muffler will do as well.
well i have a 2.5 inch straight pipe coming from test pipe back no cat and then a ractive muffler bolted up to the straight pipe
Hmm straight pipes, no cat and no resonator? Pretty much any straight pipe muffler will sound like a bumblebee on that setup. If you want to get a deeper tone, try welding up a Dynomax chambered muffler. It's good and cheap, and it'll get rid of your buzzy sound better than a straight-through muffler will.
Although people seem to laugh at the idea, i went with an 18" glass pack inline with my exhaust. I did have just a catalytic converter and a muffler before, and it was loud/buzzy and busting gaskets. I had to get a flex pipe (to stop breaking gaskets), and looked at resonators. I ended up with an 18"x2¼" glass pack (the poor-man's resonator), which was $20, and the labor was $20 to weld it into my existing exhaust. The flex pipe was $80 for parts+labor. Anyways, the glass pack took the racket out of my exhaust, and it's a LOT more pleasant to drive, especially around 3500-5000 rpm, where it was unbearably boomy and buzzy before. It added some much needed low-end torque, and the car accelerates better with the additional back-pressure. I realize I'm going to get flamed with people telling me that the glass pack will wear out and sound like ass, but eventually, I intend to get a cat-back exhaust with a resonator, when I can afford a good one.... and by then I might be going turbo anyhow.

I like that my car is back to sleeper with the glass pack, albeit temporary (glass packs deteriorate quickly, I'm told).