what is double clutching?

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what exactly is double clutching and how is it done? ;)
doube clutching was mostly to downshift in older cars with out syncro's. it was a way of matching rpm so you wouldn't grind. it went as follows: in ger, clutch, in neutral, let out the clutch, revv up motor to match rpm, clutch in, up in a lower gear
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the REAL double clutch in detials:

say, 3rd to 2nd gear downshift

in 3rd
clutch in
move to neutral
clutch out
blip gas
clutch in
move to 2nd
clutch out

thats double clutching. by bliping it in neutral, it gets the synchros going at the same speed as the gears.. not the wheels or something, so less grinding occurs.

in hondas, its pretty useless. a good example is when you go into reverse, it grinds sometimes.. rev doesn't have a "synchro" as the other gears do, and its cut straight, not on an angel. double clutch into reverse, and i bet you will never grind (at a stop of course)
now that we have that cleared up, locked! before it turns into a big argument again B)
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