What Is Legal And Not Legal?

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey all my parts say CARB ex XXXXXX are they totally legal to be on the road in WA? I also have alteeza's(that match my car) and say dot legal? my buddy god pulled over and the cop said they were all illegal but the cop is a true rice hater. He even pulled my mom and I over when were testing a chevelle and had us pop the hood instead of even asking what was wrong or anything. He said that doesn't matter being CARB but hes an assh0le. So is this just the cop or are like i/h/e all illegal?
Originally posted by Slammed89Integra@Jan 17 2003, 10:50 PM
my buddy god

I think God is ALL of our buddies...And yes, if the say CARB exempt, than all is good...WA prolly dosent even have strict laws, CA is pretty much the only dickhole about it.
Anything that is CARB approved is 50 state legal however at least in CA and I'm not sure about anywhere else you have to have something stating that each part is CARB approved or else you can still be ticketed.
if its legal in cali.. i has to be legal in all the other states.. cali is strick as hell.. and its a pain in my ass!!! :angry:
The one thing I've learned about cops is that they don't know dick about laws except for they ones they can ticket/arrest you for. He's probably just pissed off cause he's a traffic cop, so unless he gives you a ticket then he's bullshitting you, cause why wouldn't he? I'm just saying that's the way it is in south georgia; they might be smarter up north... <_<