What Is The F20b?

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hey guys ive heard a couple of people talkin about the F20B and i was wondering what it is? where it comes out of? hp/trq? and so on. and just so everyone knows, im not trying to swap this, im jus lookin for info. and i say a picture of it but it looked like a h22, except with a blue valve cover. someone answer my questions. thakns.
ignore those links, they don't mean shit for the f20b....after doing searches on yahoo it looks like the f20b came out of the honda accord sir-t from japan. it comes in dohc, and sohc models i think. power is somewhere in the 180 hp range i think. do a search and you'll find it. damn thing is, everything is in fucking japanese......good luck with your search....
We never saw this engine and from what I understand it is really rare in Japan. It also came in the Accord Euro R. It is a pretty sweet engine if you can get your hands on it.
I think that the EDM Accord Type R had the H22A from the factory. The JDM Accord Euro R come with the F20B.
anyone have any numbers on this engine? vtec?
The one from the Euro R is DOHC VTEC. I think it has 220 hp. I don't know any other numbers.
The f20b come out of a 1997-2000 Honda Accord sir-t. It comes with dohc vtec, 200hp, 145 trq, 11.0 compression. This engine can only be found in Japan. If you want to do a motor swap with this engine, I recommend you to get a H22A because it has more torque and same hp, or H22-type S which comes with dohc vtec 220hp, 153 trq, and 11.0 compression.