What Is The General Gain To Convert Ls To Vtec?

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Ruffly about how much hp can you expect to gain from converting yoru ls to vtec? not looking for an exact number just an estimate. And how much should i expect to pay for this? thanks guy i appreciate it.


88 C1V1C 53D4N DR1V3R
70329018409879 HP and 2.7 lb/ft of torque and with your new motor you can rev to 14,762 PRM.

just kidding, impossible to know unless you get more specific with the build.
LMAO haha ok thansk for the 129847389075890237 hp increase ;) but the ls block is just gonna have new factory replacment parts all rebuilt same c/r and a b16 head ... i was researching this more and i found out it is a harder job then everybody in my neighborhood thinks... so if there really isnt that much of a power increase ill prob just go with a ls/t. so does that make it any easier to tell how much of a power increase i could get..... :p