what kind of cold air do I buy after I swap to ZC?

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I was thinking about what model cold-air do I buy? A guy told me to buy a 90' Civic Si cold-air? My car is a DX sedan and I will have the motor swapped in like a couple of weeks so I need to know the following stuff.

1. Where can I get a light-weight flywheel for a ZC?
2. What kind of gaskets will I need? (oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket etc...)
1- what tranny are you using? because the tranny is what decides the flywheel- not the motor.
2- well, umm that really depends on what shape the motor is in. A full top end kit and a full bottom end kit will run you 350 probably... my LS top end kit from acura was 179, and i got the oil pan gasket and TB gasket extra for a total of about 220.
considering the zc costs only double that- i would say replace what needs to be replaced.

As for the intake- im pretty sure the si one will work... and get an AEM :)
most of the Zc engines use 88-89 integra parts--call the local dealer to cross the numbers. that should help.
lighter flywheel might help, but why chance it?