what my car will sorta look like when done

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as MOST of you all know I now own a 1993 Ford Escort GT (yeah your eyes aint deceiving you). well its not the greatest looking car because it has been wrecked and needs a new hood and hatch and some other stuff to it to make it look more presentable. now i know ima get flamed for this, BUT here is sorta what it will look like when its done:

now most are you prolly saying that it looks stupid, BUT that front end is made for a 92-95 Civic (direct bolt on pretty much), the rear end is from an Accord and the side skirts...well they are from a Dodge Neon i think. ANYWAYS the guy put BMW headlights on his Escort GT where-as i am planning to put ones from a 92-95 Civic onto mine to give it a full conversion. i wanna see what you guys and girls may think of it but please be open minded and try not to gimme to much shit for owning an Escort.

P.S. the engine is built by Mazda in those cars...same as the 90-94 Mazda Protege's...the 1.8L DOHC motor that is..so at least give it that...LOL
That car isn't even a Ford anymore, it's the bastard red-headed step-child of every import manufacturer.
lol how did i know you was gonna say that Brian...LOL...by the way that Escort GT pictured is turboed :)
yeah dude, you had the flamin' part right, that's fuckin' ghey!!! not just cuz it's a ford, but cuz it's riced to the maxxx. i'm just playin' with you, i just had to talk shit...what ever floats your boat dude.
maybe hondaswap isn't the place for you. see we try to convert people to non rice. not trying to be a dick but isn't that everything we go against? it to me is ugly as fuck but i'm glad its a ford not a honda
take off the body kit, the air scoop on the roof, the wing, the wheels and sell the ford and get a honda. or at least an import. unless it is a cosworth. then just keep all the rice stuff off of it.
i htought you were gunna sell that POS?!?

that cars not too bad, if the bumbers matched up better
ehh i was...but shit i need a challenge. besides..im into SHOWING and not racing so i need something unique to show. IF i built a Honda for show, it would be VERY VERY hard to place at a show because that class has ALOT of entrys. thats why i need something different. there are several versions of the Escort available. in Australia they are called the Laser and of course you have the AWD Cosworth. Mazda even has a JDM turboed 1.8L DOHC engine that will bolt right in and produces 180hp and IS upgradeable. a good 90% (?) of the Ford Escort GT is Mazda built even tho it has the Ford badging on it. the 90-94 Mazda Protege is pretty much the same as the Escort, just has a different body but everything else is pretty much the same. so i guess you can say that i drive a Mazda but slapped with a Ford logo.
the only reason that particular Shitscort is not :ghey: is because you cant tell what the fuck on earth it really is
DO NOT get civic headlights for that shitcan...it will only be a disgrace to all honda owners

Would any honda driver put an escort...eh wait...any FORD part on their cars? i think not

do us all a favor and if you want to put parts made for a honda on your car- buy a honda
Putting a FORD sticker in the middle of your windshield is sooooo cool :ghey:

My brother has a 90 mazda mx6 and it is the gt version (basicly a probe with a diffrent body) and that thing is a decent car. It is fast but it is in need of repairs and he has no money. It has been a fairly reliable and has like 180,xxx on it.
Someone insert the Ford atleast they circled the problem pic.
i already wrote that on the car, the only thing is it is kinda hard to read because i could not find a color to contrast the background

You can put a turbo on a peice of cat shit and it will still be a peice of cat shit. That car is so ugly.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Nov 10 2002, 10:38 AM
You can put a turbo on a peice of cat shit and it will still be a peice of cat shit. That car is so ugly.